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Manuel Modül Delme Makinesi

Manuel Modül Delme Makinesi

Temel bilgi

    model numarası.: YMJ-MMC

Ürün Açıklaması


The manual module punching machine use to heating the hot melt adhesive tape and gluing the chip, then punch the chip, operate by manual ,stable and easy to adjust, only need one operator.

In the machine structure, the machine is easy to operate and maintain, which enhances the service life of machine and the productivity.

The appearance and style of the machine is concise and easy, rationalization and hommization, and the user-friendly operator interface protect the safety of operators. We can also design the different style appearance according to different requirements.

We offer the perfect after-sale service and technical follow-up, and provide paid lifelong maintenance.

Main function:

1. Heat and bond hot-melt adhesive to modules and punch the modules manual.

2. Temperature, time and pressure are adjustable.

3. Auto collection of finished modules, easy to operate and simple to adjust.

Equipped with:

Punch mould:       Made by YMJ

Air  cylinder:       SMC  

Zero-dedect induction switch:  SUNX

Fiber optic sensor:  SUNX 

Power supply:      Taiwan MeanWell

Solenoid  valve:    SMC

Vacuum generator:  SMC


Technical parameter:

Overall dimensions: Approx. L1000*W265*H670mm

Weight: approx.     Approx.25kg

Power supply:      AC220V, 50/60Hz 5A

Compressed air:    6kg/c

Available material:  Different kinds of chips.

Operator: 1 person

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